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Beyond The Balcony

The Works of Michal Nachmany

The image of Theodor Herzl standing on his hotel balcony in Basel, Switzerland as he contemplates the future state of the Jewish people is familiar to almost every Jew and Israeli. The image reminds us of a time when such a modern state was a mere idea. Today, a little over 100 years later, the State of Israel is a vision realized.
Michal Nachmany’s art captures some of the evolution from a vision embodied in Herzl’s lonely figure on the balcony, to the realization of a state during the first half of the 20th century, and afterwards. Nachmany’s exhibit, Beyond The Balcony, begins with Herzl as a starting point and then explores the process of imagination, memory, and the building of communities during the years leading to the founding of Israel, and beyond.

About the Artist
Michal Nachmany is a New York City-based artist and teacher. She was born in Jerusalem in 1958 and moved to New York in the 1980s. “The mixture of colors, sounds, and smells from the streets and the souks of Jerusalem shaped my awareness of the past as a foundation of the present. Today, I create pieces with many layers, textures, and techniques, such as collaging, printmaking, acrylic painting, and drawing."


On View: April 1st – June 30th

Reception in Honor of Israel's Independence Day

Wedensday May 11th 6:00-7:30 pm

RSVP to Lillian Rodriguez at; 212-836-1793.

Or coordinate a visit with the artist via

UJA Federation of New York
130 E 59th Street (Bet. Park and Lexington Ave.)
7 Floor
New York, NY 10022


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