Every Person And Every Object Has a Journey

Michal Nachmany is an artist and educator based in New York City. She was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1958, and moved to New York in the 1980s. Her exhibits create a space for communities to come together to connect over works of art, and to share memories and observations.


Selected works that reimagines and repurposes found objects of daily life.

“The mixture of colors, sounds, and smells from the streets and the markets of Jerusalem shaped my awareness of the past as a foundation of the present. Today, I create pieces with many layers, textures, and techniques, such as collaging, printmaking, acrylic painting, and drawing."

-Michal Nachmany


Browse through my online porfolio, with works from many of my collections. Please have a look around and ask any questions.


Her body of work combines mixed media, including collage, printmaking, and sculptural installation, to sew together swatches of life through images, colors, and words. 


Nachmany's work has been exhibited in multiple solo shows in New York City and New York State. Taipei, Taiwan in November 2016, to be followed in a show in Krakow, Poland in Spring, 2017.

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